Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amy's Review of Moving to Frankfurt as an Expat

***  I see from my stats that this post gets a ton of traffic.  If YOU or a loved one are moving to Frankfurt feel free to comment below and I can help you with anything I have knowledge of, or help you find the right place to figure out what you need!*****

So we arrived here a few weeks ago, and have been so pleasantly surprised at basically everything about Frankfurt!  We are living in Nordend, which is right in the city itself.  We are in a perfect location, right on the U-Bahn (that's the subway, I keep calling it the T), maybe 3 blocks from an incredible park with climbing trees, and tons of structures, and a water area, around the corner from a Rewe (the local supermarket chain), and a 15 minute walk to My Zeil, the huge mall and shopping area in Frankfurt where we keep finding elaborate costumed promotions.  Frankfurt is such an awesome city to live in with kids!  There are so many playgrounds and parks, and they are all incredible.
Also, we do not have a car.  Maybe we will get one.  Maybe we will not.  It is undecided.  Because the train is on our corner, we can get the kids to Frankfurt International School easily on the train, and there is a school bus from our neighborhood as well.  Mike can take the train to work, and the trains are so awesome, fast, and prompt that taking trains has been quick and easy.  It also helps that coming from Boston I am used to bopping around the city with big strollers on public transportation!

And I have to mention all the FESTIVALS.  I had heard Germany was big on festivals, but this is ridiculous.  I feel like everywhere we go, every day, we stumble upon a huge kinderfestival.  They are all free and all have crazy rides, bouncy houses, games, and general awesomeness.  It's to the point where I am on purpose NOT posting photos of them on Facebook because it is silly how many there are!!!

 AND the POOLS!!!  Apparently people here love to swim.  There are something like 13 public pools in Frankfurt.  Some of them are inside, and some are outside.  They are all incredibly reasonably priced, me plus all three kids can swim for 90 minutes or longer for about 5-7 Euro.  We have visited four of them, and Maddie went to two others with her camp.  They all feel like luxury resorts, with slides, and shaded baby pools, rolling hills, landscaped flower gardens, and cafes.  It's amazing.

So overall, moving to Frankfurt as an expat is really fun and easy.  I didn't even address all the other super nice expats I have met, everyone is friendly and looking to do fun activities.  There are social groups, book clubs, and basically it seems like more fun stuff to do than there is time to do it.  If you have the chance to move here, do it!!  :)


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