Monday, July 22, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane....

We have been in Europe for a month now, and I am just now sitting down to blog.  I feel like I should address how it feels to actually leave home to go to Europe for three years.  It was hard!!

Moving is always inherently difficult, but there were certain things that made it easier, such as having just moved from the Back Bay to Brookline one year ago (almost exactly) so that I was not leaving this super emotional home that had a lot of memories, and also knowing we are renting our home in Brookline and not selling it, and having all the packers and movers help me with the logistics.

However, ignoring the logistics - it was really hard, mostly because I love my life in Brookline, I love all my friends, and all the stuff we do, and our neighborhood, and our neighbors, and our family, and Boston, and the kid's preschool, etc. etc. etc! It would be one thing if I was terribly bored and discontented, then it would be easy to walk away from my life in the US.  But, it was so awesome, and that made it hard!

It didn't change the fact however, that I know that moving here is the right thing for our family!  So anyway, all the packers came, and we had lots of tearful goodbyes, and a few sleepless nights getting ready to go, and then we actually left, after going on some rides and playing at the Devotion Carnival - what a great last thing to do while waiting for our car to take us to the airport.

We got in the car with all 3 kids, a bunch of suitcases and backpacks, and two slightly tranquilized meowing cats, and left.  On our way to the airport there was the most spectacular, amazing, incredible rainbow.  We took this photo out of the car window.
We watched the rainbow all the way to the airport, and it felt like the most auspicious start to this great adventure.  We will miss our friends and family terribly, and that totally sucks, but I think this is a sign that the universe is on our side!  

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