Friday, June 14, 2013

moving moving moving

Today our packers came.  They are so sweet and nice and worked so hard packing everything for us.  Our house is almost empty, and will be more so tomorrow.  Then, on Monday we leave for Germany, and then to vacation in Switzerland and thus our European adventure begins.  I have been so busy - it is no small task to divide a house into vacation luggage, air shipment, boat shipment, and storage, and have everything organized and gone through.  All while promoting a new book and being a mom to three little ones.  It's a lot!  But I've been handling it well I think.  I think it really helps that we have only lived here for one year, so I do not have so much history in this property that makes it hard to walk away from, and it's also helpful that we are renting it out instead of selling it.  The thing is that I love love love my life here, I adore my friends, and all our activities and things we do.  But, I know that it's the right choice, it'll be fun and amazing and we will learn a lot and be better people from it.  It's all good.

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