Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving and My Tree Book

So my tree book, The Tremendous Pagoda Tree of Martha's Vineyard, is coming out next month.  On Arbor Day.  Very appropriate.  I'm so excited about this book as I first thought of it about four years ago, and then wrote it, and then decided to find an illustrator (and I did, and she's so awesome it's ridiculous), and we started working on it.  It completely, 100% is how I envisioned it.  I love this book!

Last spring we were in the process of selling our condo in the Back Bay and buying our home in Brookline.  This felt like a really big deal to me - moving and having three kids and two cats is kind of a big deal.  I was trying to decorate and donate stuff and buy stuff for our new home, all the things one does in moving.  And I felt busy, so I decided to postpone my tree book until this spring.

Ironically, now it IS this spring, and we are moving AGAIN.  But this time we are not moving 2.5 miles away, we are moving way far away to Frankfurt, Germany.  And it doesn't feel busy!  It just feels fun and easy and like a big adventure.  So here's to moving in a non-busy way and being so very excited about my book coming out, all at the same time.

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