Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Rid of Stuff

So I'm a big purger.  I am constantly going through closets and rooms and filling up donation bags for Goodwill or Cradles to Crayons.  It makes me feel so peaceful to have things all sparse and have only the necessities.  It's fabulous.  With kids though, this can be tricky.  So I mysteriously get rid of toys and books that are not played with or that I dislike while the kids are sleeping or playing elsewhere.  Sometimes they ask me for a particular toy that I've donated, and I just shrug and say I have no idea where it went.  We live in such a society of abundance, it's easy to get overwhelmed with just so MUCH.  I like getting rid of old stuff and making space for new stuff, in and out, in and out.

People who don't get rid of stuff - packrats - are fearful to get rid of stuff because they think they might need it at some point.  Sometimes that happens to me - I donate something and then regret it.  But that's okay.

Now with us moving to Germany my purging is reaching new levels.   Each thing I look at I consider whether it's worth moving to Germany with us, or worth storing for 3 years, or whether I can just let it go.  It's a great mentality and really makes me consider what we really need....which isn't really that much.  :)

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