Thursday, April 11, 2013

Memories of our New Home

In 10 days we go to Frankfurt to look for an apartment.  I'm beyond excited.  I haven't been to Frankfurt since I was in middle school, and even then just for a night on the way to and from South Africa, and I have such vague childhood memories of it.

We're moving our whole family to this new city for three years and my only memories of it are:

1.  My mom squeezing my arm in the taxi into Frankfurt from the airport because we were driving so fast.
2.  Snowflakes dancing in the air, and tall buildings.
3.  Feather comforters in the hotels.
4.  Really really nice waitresses.
5.  Getting lice and my mom flipping through her German phrasebook to explain what lice is to the pharmacist, and then just putting my sister on the counter to show him.  And then her picking the lice out of our hair in the hotel room.

That's it.

So I'm really excited to go and SEE where we will be living, so I can really picture it.  I'm excited to find our new home and know that it will be ours for three years.  Then this whole crazy adventure will start to seem REAL.

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