Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Same House

We got back from Frankfurt yesterday.  We signed a lease - in German - so who knows what it really says?  Our relocation person said it was fine and so we signed it.  Anyhow, it starts July 1 and has radiant floor heating which is something very specific I wanted.  But in every way, it's perfect, very similar to our old house in Back Bay, which I wanted, since I love our Brookline house but I think it's a bit too big for our needs right now.  Best location, brand new, big elevator apartment building, big deck, all fabulouso, and funnily enough it has the same open floor plan and kitchen with an island as this house and our old house and our house before that, we keep moving to the same house over and over...  

It makes it all seem so real that we are going there.  I was super impressed with Frankfurt though, I wanted to move there so we could travel more and for the adventure of it all but after being there I am excited to live THERE, just so many nice parks and the trains are fast and easy, and the people are SO NICE.  People say Germans can be unfriendly but honestly I think they are THE nicest people ever.  My experience is that they are darlings, and they love my children, and are very kind and helpful.  Very exciting.  

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