Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Events!

SO this is the cover to my book!  I'm so proud of it!  I'm in the process of planning events related to my book.  

Thus far:

1.  May 7 - Speaking at

2.  Hosting a book celebration with Taylor Wells (author of Create the Best Life Ever) at the Coolidge Corner Library on May 18th.

3.  Having a signing at Healthworks, on May 21, from 8-11:30am.

4.  Having a signing at My Gym Boston during their Open Gym time on Monday, May 13.  

5.  Doing a reading and craft activity at Tiny Hanger, probably on May 27.

6.  Doing an event at Edgartown Books, on May 25, at 10:30am.

7.  Doing some other events in Edgartown, which the Edgartown Librarian is looking into, over Memorial Day.

It's funny timing with going to Germany and all, since I feel like I could spend ALL SUMMER doing book events, and still have more to do, and I'll be leaving mid-June.  But at least I have no worries about getting burned out!!!

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